About me

I'm Julien Lefrique, a 28-year old engineer. I currently work as Firmware / Software Engineer in the Semiconductors industry.

I studied Electrical Engineering at the Université of Technology of Belfort-Montbéliard and I'm mainly interested by low-level software. Usually, I work so close to the hardware that logic analyzers and a oscilloscopes are my best friends for debugging. I'm also interested by developing the hardware of microcontrollers boards.

More recently, I started using Python to build some tools and I take a real pleasure developing with such a concise and high-level language.

I'm a free software enthusiast, running GNU/Linux on all my computers at home and at work. You can have a look at my dotfiles to see my setup.

I'm married with Hélène and I'm living in France, near the French-Swiss border. I enjoy riding my mountain bike in this beautiful area.

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